Boosting Your Child's Emotional Development Through School

A child’s emotional development is just as important as their cognitive and social growth. At Teddy Bear Village in Framingham, MA, we don’t just focus on teaching the ABCs and one-two-threes — we also put a lot of heart into boosting their emotional development through our engaging Pre-K program. Read on and visit our village today to learn more about how we help establish a foundation for your child's emotional growth.

Baby playing with a block

Creating a Cozy Cave

Just like a bear finds comfort in its den, your child needs a safe space to express their emotions. Our environment at Teddy Bear Village is designed to be warm, welcoming, and supportive. Whether they are part of our after-school programs or our toddler daycare in Framingham, they can roar their joys and shed tears when needed.

Toddler reaching out

Managing Big Emotions

Cubs can get lost in the forest of their emotions. At Teddy Bear Village, we help them learn how to manage those big feelings and become emotionally resilient. Through storytelling, creative activities, and interactive games, we teach them the vocabulary to express their emotions. Just like a bear mastering the art of catching fish, your child will gain the skills to reel in their emotions and channel them constructively.

Group of kids circling together

Friendship Forest

Social skills are an integral part of emotional development. Our Pre-K program creates a connected community where your child bonds with their fellow cubs. They'll learn how to share, cooperate, and resolve conflicts — all essential skills for their emotional growth. Just as bears thrive in packs, your child will thrive in our community.

Little girl stacking blocks

Confidence Climb

Climbing a tree for the first time can be scary. But with each try, a bear cub gains more confidence. Similarly, our Pre-K program provides ample opportunities for your child to step out of their comfort zone and embrace challenges.

Social Skills for Cubs.jpg

Early childhood education in Massachusetts doesn’t get better than Teddy Bear Village. Join our daycare in Framingham and explore our toddler programs and Pre-K learning classes today!

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