Tips for Potty Training at Daycare

Potty training can be a stressful and challenging task for parents and their little ones as it is, but factoring in daycare can add an additional layer of worry. If you’re not certain how to ensure your child’s potty training success at daycare, let the team at The Teddy Bear Village help! Here are four tips you can follow to make the process smoother.

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Communication Is Key

Make sure to communicate with your daycare provider about your child’s potty training progress. Share what methods have worked at home and if your child has any particular fears or anxieties around using the bathroom. To make these conversations simple and convenient, our daycare program in Framingham, MA, offers direct parent-staff communication through the myKidzDay app!

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Consistency Is Crucial

When it comes to potty training at daycare, consistency is the first ingredient for success. Stick to the same routines and strategies that have proven effective at home. Additionally, make sure your child has the same access to a toilet they are familiar with, and consider packing an extra change of clothes in case of accidents.

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Positive Reinforcement Is Powerful

Let your child know you are proud of their potty training progress. Celebrate when they meet milestones and offer encouragement for their efforts. Introducing small rewards, such as stickers or a toy, can also be a great way to further motivate your child.

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Don’t Rush the Process

Potty training takes time, and every child is different. It’s important to be patient with your child and not put too much pressure on them. If your little one isn’t ready, don’t force the issue. Allow them to progress at their own pace and trust that they’ll be able to master this new skill in due time.

At The Teddy Bear Village, we understand the importance of working with parents to support their child’s potty training journey. Our experienced staff will work with you to create the best potty training plan for your little cub while they attend our daycare center in Framingham, so you can rest easy that they’re in good hands. Schedule a tour today or contact us with any questions!

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