How To Support Your Child's Learning At Home

As the sun sets on another day at Teddy Bear Village, your little cub returns home, their heart and mind filled with the wonders of the day. Whether you have a playful toddler or a curious infant, extending the magic of learning from our Framingham daycare into your home is always a fulfilling routine. Keep reading to learn more about how you can keep your child’s spirit of discovery alive!

Toddler holding a toy

Create a Learning Den

Dedicate a corner of your home to learning so your child has an inspiring space to explore. This doesn’t require an entire room makeover; a small corner with age-appropriate books, soft cushions, and educational toys will do.

Creating a learning space
baby touching the floor

Learning Through Everyday Activities

Every moment is a chance for exploration! Just as our little cubs learn through play at our daycare, you can infuse learning into everyday activities at home. Counting the stairs while climbing, identifying colors during mealtime, and exploring textures during bath time are all great ways to boost your child's cognitive development.

toddler touching a snail

Nature Adventures

Take your child on outdoor adventures where they can experience the magic of nature firsthand. Collect leaves, observe insects, and explore the world around them. These trips stimulate curiosity, critical thinking, and a deep connection to the world.

Toddler wearing headphones

Musical Moments

Music enhances language skills, coordination, and emotional expression. This means that singing songs, dancing, and exploring rhythms together is a wonderful way to not only bond with your child but also support their learning journey. Creating a playlist of classic nursery rhymes and age-appropriate songs can help you turn even the simplest activities into joyful learning experiences.

Join us at Teddy Bear Village in supporting your child’s love for learning. To learn more about how our Massachusetts daycare center reinforces child development, request a tour today!

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