Infant Milestones: What To Expect and How Daycare Can Support Development

If you’re the parent of a newborn, witnessing your infant’s growth and development is an amazing, exciting journey. Infants grow and learn at a rapid pace, and it’s essential to know what milestones to look forward to so you can support their progress. In today’s post, we’re discussing four of the most important infant milestones and how The Teddy Bear Village can help your child reach them!

A Timeline of Typical Infant Milestones infographic-01.jpg
infant boy smiling

Social and Emotional Development

At around six weeks, your infant starts to develop social and emotional skills by responding to smiles and faces. As time goes by, they begin to recognize familiar faces and express emotions such as happiness, anger, and sadness. At our daycare center in Framingham, MA, your little one will have the opportunity to interact with other infants and caregivers, which can strengthen their social skills. Rest assured, we provide a nurturing environment that helps develop trust, confidence, and emotional connections.

infant boy playing

Hand-Eye Coordination

As your infant grows, they begin to develop hand-eye coordination, starting with reaching for objects around three to four months. Eventually, they can even grasp and pick things up! Our certified caregivers will encourage your infant to use their fine motor skills by providing them with age-appropriate toys and activities that help to improve their hand-eye coordination.

infant boy crawling


Crawling is a significant developmental milestone that occurs around five to ten months. It’s a miraculous time for parents as their child explores and discovers the world around them all on their own! At The Teddy Bear Village, we provide a safe environment for infants to crawl around, with padded flooring and close monitoring to prevent any accidents.

mother and father laughing with infant


Around the age of six months, your infant will start babbling and imitating sounds. This is a precursor to real words and full-on speech, which is why our daycare program encourages language development from the earliest stages through interactive play, songs, and stories. As a bilingual child care center in Framingham, we can even do this in both English and Spanish!

We understand that every infant has a unique developmental journey, and we work closely with parents to support their growth and milestones. Our staff provides love, care, and support to each child, allowing them to develop essential skills with ease. Contact us today to learn more about our daycare services in Framingham!

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