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About Our Village

We are delighted you have chosen The Teddy Bear Village to fulfill your childcare needs.  You and your family are encouraged to visit our center prior to the first day of enrollment to give our teachers, and your child(ren) an opportunity to meet and become better acquainted.  This will make separating on the first day a bit easier.

Our Philosophy


The Teddy Bear Village Center strives to reinforce, in all children, a love for learning and a sense of pride. We encourage children to be active participants in their own development by providing them with the opportunity to explore and grow. Our goals include;


  1. Increase self-confidence and independence

  2. Development of fine and gross motor skills

  3. Development of language skills through play, exploration, story books, listening exercises, as well as socialization

  4. Respect and understanding for other children’s rights, feelings, and beliefs.

About Us

About Us

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